Why Gen Z travellers seek out sustainable businesses

Sustainability is a growing concern among travellers, but it is particularly important to Millennials and Gen Z travellers. Here’s why these generations are more inclined to seek out sustainable businesses:

1. Environmental Awareness:

Millennials and Gen Z have grown up in an era of heightened environmental awareness. They are more likely to be concerned about the planet’s future and are keen on making responsible choices, including in their travel decisions.

2. Social Responsibility:

These generations tend to prioritize social responsibility and ethical considerations. They are more likely to support businesses that align with their values, including those that take active steps to reduce their environmental impact.

Eco not Ego

3. Digital Native Status:

Millennials and Gen Z are more connected to digital media and information sources, making them more aware of global issues, including climate change and sustainable practices. They often research and compare travel options online, allowing them to identify and choose sustainable businesses before they travel.

4. Desire for Authentic Experiences:

These generations often seek authentic travel experiences and cultural immersion. Sustainable businesses, such as eco-friendly hostels or tours with an environmental focus, can offer unique and meaningful experiences that align with their desires

5. Influence of Peer Networks:

Millennials and Gen Z travelers are influenced by their peers, both online and offline. Word-of-mouth recommendations and social media posts can impact their choices, making it important for sustainable businesses to cultivate positive reviews and share their sustainability efforts on platforms where these generations are active.

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6. Willingness to Pay More:

Research has shown that Millennials and Gen Z are generally willing to pay more for products and services from businesses that prioritize sustainability. They see sustainability as an investment in the future and are willing to support businesses that share this commitment.

7. Desire for Transparency:

These generations value transparency and honesty in business practices. Sustainable businesses that are transparent about their sustainability efforts and practices are more likely to gain the trust of Millennial and Gen Z travelers.

Overall, while sustainability is a priority for many travelers across different age groups, Millennials and Gen Z are often at the forefront of the sustainable travel movement due to their strong values, digital connectivity, and desire for authentic and responsible experiences. Therefore, targeting these demographics with your sustainable hostel or travel business can be a strategic decision to tap into this growing market.


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